Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to The Sciku Project – join us and share the joy! If you are interested then send your sciku to:

Unsure how to start writing sciku? Click here for tips and advice.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Whilst The Sciku Project takes a flexible approach to most traditional haiku rules, please try to stick to the traditional 17 syllables and structure (or stretch out to a tanka if you feel it’s essential – click here for more details).
  • Include a brief explanation of the science behind your sciku. Generally this should describe the background and then explain the findings. What is it and why does it matter?
  • Please provide a link to the original research article or source to allow readers to find out more for themselves.
  • Provide a brief bio (no more than 30 words) if you’d like along with links to your own website/twitter handle if you have them.
  • The Sciku Project cannot pay for your contributions – The Sciku Project is a non-profit  website and does not earn any money.
  • Contributing authors retain the copyright for their own work.
  • All submitted haiku should be original to the author.